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automatic molten iron transfer system 2022-04-07
In casting enterprises, hot metal transfer vehicles have an important impact on the safety, cost and quality of the whole production system. The common hot metal transfer methods in casting workshops are: forklift transfer, crane transfer, crane + rail car transfer, but because they need to be completed manually, among them, the risk coefficient of hot metal handling is high. Therefore, the use of high-tech intelligent technology, improve casting quality, safety and high degree of automation, fewer operators, saving labor costs of equipment is urgently needed.
The automatic hot metal transfer system of Zhicheng machinery realizes the automatic fetching, transporting, dumping and returning operation of hot metal. The automatic handling system of hot metal completely changes the traditional operation mode, automatic unmanned operation, continuous production of 24 hours in three shifts, preventing the occurrence of safety accidents, reducing cost and improving efficiency to the greatest extent. It has the following three characteristics:
1, easy operation: automatic handling of molten iron: from the beginning of the molten iron, to the completion of the dumping back below the furnace mouth, start the next cycle of molten iron, the whole process without manual operation, the use of laser navigation, wireless communication system, can automatically pick up, transport, dumping, return to work.

2, strong security: Molten iron transport vehicle to pour point, it can lift the right height and Angle, automatic dumping of molten iron, when the hot metal ladle molten iron quality problems or other issues that need to be dumped, which can be controlled through methods such as hot metal package dumping to scrap iron box, water body is equipped with safety around touch the edge,

3, high efficiency: hot metal transfer vehicle automatic unmanned operation, 24 hours three shift system continuous production, the overall work beat ≤270 seconds (from hot metal to return, including slag picking, adding nodulating agent, etc.), automatic unmanned operation, while reducing the labor intensity, greatly improve the production efficiency.
The automatic hot metal transfer vehicle has high transportation efficiency, can adjust the transportation speed to match with the production beat, the transportation process is safe, effectively prevent the production safety hazards, greatly save the labor, tailored for the casting workshop
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